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Rugby League Heritage Project


Here is your chance to really make this project a success. As a volunteer you can be involved in this truly amazing project and develop a deeper appreciation of the history of rugby league, whilst have a lot of fun. The enthusiasm and energy found amongst our teams of volunteers makes it possible for everyone to enjoy and understand some of the most inspiring events in rugby league history - from its origins to Super League, from field events to stadium spectaculars.

Volunteering for as little at 3 hours a month can really make an impact on the future development of this project.


Volunteering plays an important part in the lives of all the people who so generously give their time and talents. It opens up opportunities for everyone to apply and develop new skills, widen horizons and contribute to rugby and community life, whilst doing something enjoyable and worthwhile with like-minded people.

If you want to get involved, why not get in touch with John Downes now on (+44) 1274 762332 or email him at